Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Branson Auto Museum Post #1

Well, after we left the Dick Clark Museum, we drove on down the strip to a place called the Branson Auto Museum. This place was a glorified used classic car dealer, and unfortunately also had an admission fee, but with close to 100 cars and a more reasonable price to get in...we decided to see what was inside. The first car inside the door is this beautiful Corvette. It is being raffled by a local HS. The cost per ticket....$100.00
This Corvette was probably STILL out of MY price range, but having a 3 year old who loves his pedal cars and Corvette Powerwheel, I couldn't resist snapping a photograph of this one.
Long, lean, and black. Do you think a trunk anchor was a stock option?
I've always liked the looks of Dodge Lancers.

Most of the cars within the museum were for sale on consignment. Most cars also had a plaque giving a description of the car and the car's history. This Cadillac "El Camino" was custom built for one of my childhood heroes...Evel Knievel. The bed was designed to haul a Harley...very kool. If I remember correctly, the car was painted for Knievel by George Barris.