Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What a GREAT Year it's Been!

WOW! Just sitting around today watching the ice and freezing rain on an Indiana afternoon. I can't help but look back on another year as 2008 comes to a close.

It's been a great year for Ol' Scruffy. Finally got that rod in my garage I've been working toward for the past 20+ years. I had the opportunity to attend lots of my "regular" area car events (i.e. James Dean Festival, Rebel Run, Ducktail Run, etc.). But even kooler...I was able to attend a few INCREDIBLE shows for the 1st time this year: (i.e. Detroit Auto Show, Road Rocket Rumble, Hotrods and Hillbillies, Black Top Bash, GodSpeed Blanket Run, and Daddy Katz Katzmas Party).

Over the past year, this blog has developed into something I'm very proud of. Lots of kool links and photographs. I make fun of my daughters and their "scrapbooking", but looking back through this year's Suede and Chrome posts, it's a nice overview of where this year has taken me.
The end of 2008 even brought a few of my buddies and I to form a car club. Looking ahead to 2009, I'm planning many more car related trips, hopefully I can attend even more as participant and even get some of the guys to go together as a club! (How kool is that?!?!?)
Last evening, I had a chance to go through a lot of my media files and look at the pictures I've taken this year. Thought I would play around with some of my favorites in PhotoShop and post them over last few days of 2008 as a "retrospective".
In the process of going through my files, I also found some older stuff that I took prior to starting this blog. I'm planning to put some of those photos up during the month of January.
p.s....Just noticed that Suede and Chrome surpassed 18,000 hits today! Thanks again for your support!