Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blanket Run: Back on the Road

Note from webmaster: "Roadster guy! Drop me an email so I can 'officially' thank you for letting us 'tail' you all the way to lunch!" - Scruffy

I was not only impressed that these guys drove their roadsters on such a nasty day, I was equally impressed with the rides. We spent some time checking them out during lunch.

Well, after the INCREDIBLE tour of Bruce Litton's garage, we got 'back on the road' with the 6th annual Blanket Run. Since we had arrived at GodSpeed just in time to follow the last vehicle...(thanks to Walt from Walt's Hotrods for leading us in the right direction), we had NO map or agenda of where the Run was headed. So on slick roads, we just tried to follow others from place to place.
This method worked well until we got separated from the group we were following at a LOOOOONG red light. Fortunately, we spotted the "roadster guys" a few cars behind us and pulled over to follow them to our next stop....lunch at the Cluster Busters Car Club.

This cool little Crosley came up from Kentucky for the Run.

***A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE CLUSTER BUSTERS CAR CLUB!!! Lunch was great! Ol' Scruffy is always up for a good coney dog! Dad says the brownies were "off the hook" too!*** http://www.clusterbustershotrodclub.com/

Well because of other commitments and time contraints, we had to leave the Blanket Run after lunch, but our fun didn't stop there. Check out my blog tomorrow as I post pictures from a couple of car related stops we made on the drive home.