Thursday, December 4, 2008

Busy Schedule, Blog Advertisements, Upcoming Shows & Other Ramblings...

Well....I think my thoughts about the '50 are changing. Instead of wide whites and spyder hubcaps....I'm really diggin' the whitewalls that are currently on the car with some sic Astro Supreme wheels. (Check out this sic Chevy's wheels and tires to see what I'm talkin' about.)

Well, after posting almost daily throughout the last few months, it seems hard to believe that it's been a few days since my last post. Things have been pretty crazy of late in Ol' Scruffy's world. You know what they say, "Life Happens".
Thought I'd write tonight and post a few things that are going on. First, I'm looking forward to having the opportunity of going to a couple of show over the next two weekends. The first is at GodSpeed Customs in Brownsburg, Indiana this Saturday. The second, is a Katzmas Party at Daddy Katz in Dayton, Ohio on December 13th. Hopefully I'll be able to attend one if not both.
Still like the idea of adding some kind of scallops to Ol' Blue.
I received an email today from someone who claims to have a "client" that wants to advertise on Ol' Scruffy's blog. Currently I have several links on this site, but all of them are pro bono, just business that I think are "worth a look" and/or artists that I feel the same about. Others are friends and family that have businesses related to the content of Suede and Chrome. The idea that what started as a "fun little hobby" could become something that is actually profitable is exciting. Heck...if I could make a few bucks on the side to support the modifications I'd like to make to the would be good. I'm a bit leary about any email concerning this though. I've heard and read about so many Internet scams that I've lost much confidence in any such notion. At any rate, stay tune to Suede and Chrome to see if anything comes from it.
Even though I'm enjoying the Chevy...would still love to build a real traditional lookin' hot rod truck at some point in my life.
Finally....I've been losing sleep lately considering organizing a benefit show for the Spring of 2009. Most Suede and Chrome readers know that we lost an wonderful teacher and an incredible person right before Thanksgiving. Our Middle School special education teacher passed away very unexpectedly and is greatly missed. She was the type of person that would "save the world" if she could. She daily went above and beyond the "call of duty" to do all she could for our students with disabilities. I've been talking with a few folks over the course of the last couple of days about hosting a "rumble" of sorts at our middle school, with all proceeds going either to a scholarship in Mrs. Huist name for any graduating special needs student in our district that plans to further their education OR using the funds to provide our current special education students with more assistive technologies in her honor.
At any rate, I think it would be cool to host the "rumble" at our middle school building. The original structure was built in 1926 and has some real character. If and when it all works out, I'll be sure to post event information on Suede and Chrome, Hub Garage, the H.A.M.B., and myspace.
Have a great weekend! Hopefully, I'll be able to post some new photographs soon. Until then, enjoy a few cool pics that I've found recently while doin' some virtual surfin'......Cowabunga dudes!