Saturday, December 20, 2008

Righteous Rodders C.C.

Well, I think the cruise-in/show scene has pretty much came to a halt for the next couple of months in my life. (And my wife seems to be smiling about that!).

I really don't have any plans to attend any shows until February and March. There is a World of Wheels show in February in Indianapolis with a pre-63 event hosted by the Indy Road Rockets that I have on my calendar, and then I've already "planted the seeds" with my wife to take her up to the Detroit Autorama again this year. She actually enjoyed the little "weekend" get away last March.

Well, in the absence of events, I've been kicking around an idea with a few buddies of mine to start a car club. There are actually SEVERAL guys in my church that are into cars/trucks/motorcycles. One night we were sitting around in the church basement swapping car stories ( I love to hear the "older guys" talk about the cars they used to have and all those great late '50s early '60s car related stories). Anyway, someone said, "We've got enough interest among us, we should start a car club." Well from that comment, a discussion began about the name for such club, what we would do, etc.

Rigtheous Rodder "Trader Don's" 49 Chevrolet Pick 'em Up Truck

The next week, a wife of one of the guys who was involved in this conversation came up with the name "Righteous Rodders". Well, we all thought the name was pretty fitting, so we've started to develop the idea from there.

1955 Chevrolet Pickup w/ 454 big block. Hopefully this truck will be finished by summer 2009.

This past week, I began the task of setting up an "official" club site on the "Hub". I've uploaded a few pictures of some of our members "toys". Hopefully, over the course of the coming months, I can actually get out and take some photographs of each member with his/her vehicle(s) to make the site a bit more personal. At any rate, you can check out some of the clubs "stuff" at:

Hopefully, through the Righteous Rodders, we can begin to attend a few cruise-ins, and shows together, and eventually even host some club events. Heck....we are even throwing around the idea of getting some sweet club jackets. If ya know someone that can give us a good deal on the style shown below, please email and let me know!

Have a GREAT Christmas!