Sunday, December 7, 2008

GodSpeed Blanket Run: Bruce Litton Racing

Well, the weather wasn't real cooperative. In fact, this was the first snow of any significance this year in East-Central Indiana. The weather report was enough to flush any thoughts of getting Ol' Blue out of the garage for I was AMAZED that these three guys drove their ROADSTERS!!!!
Once we left DSR, the Blanket Run continued to the shop of 2007 IHRA Top Fuel Champion Bruce Litton.
The MOST impressive thing about Bruce's shop WASN'T the dragsters, it was his INCREDIBLE collection of restored Chevrolets in a MASSIVE garage that is built to look like the town he grew up in.
The cars were incredible, and the store fronts were just as impressive. There was a movie theater, a barber shop, a soda shop, sheriff's office, gas station, and even a church just to name a few.

Each store front actually contained period barber chair and barber equipment.

Once again, our host allowed us to wander through his place. I was truly impressed with the hospitality of each of our hosts during the run.

I have a few more pictures of Bruce's place that I will post tomorrow. But to learn more about his collection, you can check out the following link: