Monday, December 29, 2008

Sign Up and Follow Suede and Chrome

Thought I'd post a little "shout out" to the folks that have signed up as Suede and Chrome "followers". In fact, I've moved the followers widget to the top of my right column. This is a really kool way to keep up on what I'm posting.

Since I've been trying to post on a regular basis, chances are that something new might appear on this site since the last time you visited. It isn't always easy to check in, but if you sign up as a follower, you will get a thumbnail and a short synposis of my latest posts. That way, you can decided if you need to visit again.

I am currently following a couple of blogs myself (you can scroll down and see what blogs Ol' Scruffy is following further down the right column).

As I continually try to improve this blog and readership, I'm always interested in who is reading Suede and Chrome and comments. I think it's pretty cool that a couple of folks have decided to become followers! I would encourage the rest of you to do the same. By doing so, it helps me get a better idea of who is reading and what interests them.

I've included a few photographs that I found the other day while cleaning out my media files. These were taken several years ago at the Street Machine Nationals at IRP. I'm not sure of the date of these photographs, but the 'little guy' in the first photograph is my now 17 year old son, so you can do the math. I've got a few more pics from this event that I'll post later in the week.
Have a GREAT week!