Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wicked Cadillacs!

There were SEVERAL sic Caddies at this year's show. Here are but a few. Which one strikes your fancy?

How about this wicked caddy. It's "all business" up front, but walk around to the rear and BAMM! Check out those flamethrowers!!!

This Caddy was one of my favorites. Long and low, with a very cool suede green and yellow fade.
Are you more of a traditionalist? Like the looks of a car restored to it's "full glory"? If so, this one is for you!
Want some REALLY different?!?!? How about a Cadillac covered with OVER 38,000 PENNIES! Can't believe it? I took a close up to give you a better view. The owner used silicon to adhere the pennies to the car. All are "heads up" expect 4. Three are steel pennies, and one is an Indian head. According to the owner, the pennies add about 200 pounds to this already "plump" dinosaur. (In fact, the pennies kind of remind me of "scales"! HA!)