Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crankshaft Clothing!

Wow! My friend Vinylynn is at it again! Just spoke with her the other day and learned that she was working on a new "project". Today, I received a link to her new website, and I've got to say that Ol' Scruffy was blown away.

Now many of you may know Vinylynn through her Whitelinedesign business (see link in right column of this blog) that specializes in retro, antique, and vintage-inspired logos and designs for signs, banners, decals, stencils, and more. Believe me, from what I've seen, she does some awesome work, but this new site has "taken it to the next level".

I spent some time on the site this evening, and let me tell ya, Scruffy is already putting together a wish list. (Friends and family know that I've got a birthday coming up in November....and Christmas is right around the corner!)

She's got it all! Kustom mechanics shirts, sweet looking pinstriped floor mats (man these things are sic!), night lights, and even light switch covers. What's even cooler is that she can custom design any item with YOUR art or logo!!!

Like I said, I was absolutely impressed! And when you go to her site, check out the links in the side columns, they include cool video from some area shows, events, and even some clips of Vinylynn and her hubby Timbo workin' on the Fifty Three....pretty cool stuff.

And if ya look real close, you'll even see a link to "Suede and Chrome"!!!! Lynn....I've got to say, Ol' Scruffy is 'touched'. Thanks for the props! Keep up the great work!

So take my advice and check out Crankshaft Clothing at And while you're there...pick up some stuff for the author of your favorite blog...will ya? :)