Monday, October 6, 2008

More From Gas City, Indiana

There were LOTS of cool items in the swap meet and vendor areas. This "flame-throwing" bicycle was actually functional (both as a bike and as a propane shooting flame-thrower!)

This rat rod truck project had a nice "Z'd" frame and running gear. I think the guy was asking $6500.00.

If I guy 1) knew what he was looking for, and 2) was able to know it when he saw it, there was a lot to be had in the swap meet area.
Want to drive something that will "get you noticed"? How about this Skull T-bucket? If you look closely, you can see the "jaw teeth" along the top of the frame.
I remember seeing this little truck a couple of years ago in Lima, Ohio. In fact, a "good" reader (one that has nothing better to do) could surf through all the Suede and Chrome posts from the last couple of summers and find a picture of this sweet rider prior to it's current wicked flame job.
Hey! This was one nice Chevrolet! It's a bit newer, and a whole lot nicer....but it reminds me of 'Ol Blue. (I think they would look great side-by-side in my garage!)
This Ford was actually pretty cool. Bags helped to set this "rat" on the asphalt. Check out the leopard print interior on the door panels!
This little Crosley had a late model diesel engine under the hood!! And if that wasn't "cute enough", how about a chrome plated kick stand!!! Too funny