Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trying to Catch Up On Uploaded Photographs!

Thought I'd do a "MONSTER POSTING" & try to get caught up on some photographs I've taken at recent car shows!
I'm STILL posting photographs from the 100+ I took at Lima, Ohio @ the Rebel Run. These photographs were taken at the fairground track during some nostalgic races.

The black and red Ford convertible pictured below was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!
Most readers know that my father has a 1947 Chevrolet coupe. So any time we see a 1946-48, we check it out. This '48 had a nice flamed paint scheme.
Even though my favorite cars are pre-1959, I would love to own a Buick Riviera from the early to mid-60's. I really like the looks of this one!
Just as we look at every 1946-48 Chevy for my dad, now since I own a '50 Chevy, I enjoy checking out every 1949-54 I see. I really like these ghost flames, white walls, and flipper hubcaps. The California bumper is cool too!
Someone had a "real project" in this Ford Falcon pictured below. I can't say as if I've ever seen one with a chopped top.
Here is a very clean example of early Mopar Muscle.
Another cool Chevrolet.

This Chevy pickup had a paint scheme that mimicked the SoCal deuce roadster.
This 1949 Chevrolet has some SERIOUS custom lines. Check out the extra WIDE rear fenders! It looks like the owner could run duallies under there!
There was a nice story to go with this 1957 Chevrolet. It's a ONE OWNER! The guy bought it new and has done all the customizing himself over the years! How many of us have said, "Man, I wish I STILL own "that" car" at some point in our lives? This guy does!!! This 57 was just as impressive under the hood. I took the shot below specifically for my golfing partner who owns a chrome plating business!

I've seen this little coupe several times over the past few years....but I never get tired of it!
If you are ever in Lima, Ohio, you have got to stop at one of the four Kewpee Hamburger joints! My father found out about this place on the Internet. It was like stepping back in time! Square hamburgers and $1 cokes...too cool! There motto: "Hamburg with a pickle on top, makes the heart go flippity flop!"
I can't speak for you, but I've got a list of "things I want before I die". I got to mark off a 50's hotrod this past year. The next thing is a COOL motorcycle....this one would "fit the bill".
How many times have you seen an Airflow? Let alone one as cool as this?
O.k....I've missed two opportunities in the past two weeks to let this guy go crazy with pinstriping on my car! Check out Killer Designs by Darin at
O.k., "Mustang Mike" probably won't like this one, but Ol' Scruffy thinks it's pretty cool!
And speaking of cooool, this Buick has some very cool scallops. I'm still kicking around the idea of trying my hand at adding something like this to the '50 this fall or winter. What do you think?
Well, hope you've enjoyed this "MONSTER POST" version of Suede and Chrome. I've still got over 50+ pics left from the Rebel Run, plus another 60+ photographs I snapped at the Ducktail Run and the James Dean Festival this past weekend. Keeping checking back for updates!