Friday, October 3, 2008

Another "MONSTER POST" from Lima, Ohio

This 1949 Chevrolet won best of show in Piqua, Ohio a month ago. It looked just as good in Lima.
All I can say is, "WOW"!!! Can you believe that the owner of this Bronco made the body completely out of cherry? I'm not talking a veneer folks! He started with a Bronco chassis and hand BUILT a wooden frame (similar to building a boat), then built EVERYTHING from cherry....roll bar, grille, bumper, etc.). He had a matching golf cart and has built 7 other vehicles from wood!!!!! AMAZING!
Here are some of the Mercuries lining up for the "Mercury Parade", a tradition at the Rebel Run.
This "Woodie" Mercury won "Best of Show" at the James Dean Festival in 2007. It is the car that is on the James Dean Festival 2008 t-shirts.
My father talked with the owner of this beautiful 58. When we saw him in Piqua, he pulled out on the street as he was leaving the show and "threw sparks" all the way down the street. According to the owner, he has "sacrificial" titanium bars mounted under the rear of the car. He has hydraulics on the car and can lower the rear so that the bars drag the road....thus throwing two "rooster tails" of sparks.....pretty cool.

Can you ever get enough pictures of cars painted black suede?!?!?!
This Ford's color combination was pretty unique and cool.
There was not enough time in one day to see every car at the show!
As I've said before, I really enjoy seeing cars created by a guy with some creativity. This Edsel started it's life as a wagon. The owner has turned it into a wagon/ranchero....very cool!
The owner of this big black Buick has a sense of humor. Check out the ONE gold grille tooth!
I still have a few pictures to post from the Rebel Run in Lima, Ohio. Check back in the days to come!