Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Internet Trouble?!?!?

Well, Ol' Scruffy is having trouble with his computer again! For some reason, I can't get the upload picture window to open when I click on it in Blogger! I've got a few more pictures from Gas City/Fairmount and I'm planning on attending a show this weekend. Hope I can figure out what's going on with this crazy thing!

I don't know if you've seen this...but if you scroll down this blog and look along the right column, you will come to a spot that is titled "who is on this site now". Under this title is a little rectangle with a number in it indicating who many "suede and chrome readers" are currently looking at this site. THE REALLY COOL thing is you can click on this little rectangle, and you will be taken to a site that tracks readership. If you scroll down on when the new page comes up, you will see a world map that contains stars indicating where readers are from.

It's incredible to see virtually all of the continental U.S. and Western Europe covered with stars!!! As well as other stars scattered global. SOOOOO, several questions pop into Ol' Scruffy's head:

1) What's your story?!?! Who are you and what drew you to this site?

2) How did you find out about this site? Were you surfing and stumbled onto it? Did a friend tell you about it? etc.?

3) Do you own a traditional hotrod? If you do....PLEASE email Ol' Scruffy a few photos and some details and I'll do my best to post it so ALL the hip Kats and Kittens that read Suede and Chrome can see your ride. It would be COOOL to know what types of modifications, customizing, fabrication, makes and models, etc. are big in your part of the world.

4) What's the "scene" in your part of the world? Are traditional hot rods popular? Are there events (cruise ins, rod runs, car shows, etc.) near you? Do you belong to a car club?

Dagnabbit people!!!! I'd love to get a few of these questions answered! Why don't you take a moment and leave a comment or two for Ol' Scruffy. Heck, while I'm trying to figure out why I'm having trouble uploading pictures, it would be fun to hear from you!