Friday, October 10, 2008

"I'm Back!!!!"

Well, Ol' Scruffy has been working diligently on his Dell, trying to figure out why it's been given him fits! Finally got the thing workin' this evening. Thought I'd go ahead and finish out on the pictures from Gas City and Fairmount. This sweeeeeeet Harley trike was sitting outside the park at the James Dean Festival.

I went and looked at a T-Bucket "project" this week. Everything was there to complete. The original owner had spared no expense. Was out of my price range and not really in the "Suede and Chrome" style that I like. Now this T-Bucket on the other hand was "right up my alley"!
I haven't met the owner of this cool rat rod, but the guy lives in the town were I work. I saw him cruisin' around town in it last week.
Count Kennedy was pulling in to Fairmount right as we were leaving (two "casket" trailers in tow). If you've ever seen this guy...he is the "king" of flame throwing antics!

Love this one! Right stance, paint, whitewalls, etc. And the interior is out of sight!
O.K....I've got to say this Chevy was very cool! The owner also owns the 46 Chevy Coupe that used to be the background for the title of this blog. Flat black with gold metal flake top....very cool daddio!
If things work out, tomorrow I'll be driving over to Fort Recovery, Ohio to a late afternoon cruise-in. I'm hoping to get Ol' Blue back on the road tomorrow morning, as she blew a freeze plug last Saturday. I bought an expandable plug on Wednesday, but I've been having some trouble holding it in place while I tighten it up.