Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ducktail Run 2008

WOW!!!! The Rebel Run/James Dean Festival weekend is one of my absolute favorite shows! I've been looking forward to this show for some time and it DIDN'T DISAPPOINT!

I've been attending the Ducktail Run with my father since about 1984. Every year it seems to get bigger and better. The best part about this year's show was it was the first time I've actually entered a car of my own. It was also the first time I've driven my father to a show in MY car. (We've been doing it the other way for a lot of years!) My oldest son went along for the ride too, just like he has done for the past 17 years. (It's much nicer now that we don't have to pull him around in a wagon!!! Ha!)
The show actuall started on Thursday and ran through Sunday. We got around early Saturday morning and made the hour plus drive, arriving around 9 am. The show started at 8, but even arriving an hour later, I had to park my car near the very back of the park.
Lots of people make a weekend of the show. Several actually pitch a tent or pull an antique camper and spend the weekend right in the park.
This show used to be a "well kept secret" back in the early '80s. Now it is absolutely HUGE! I don't recall ever seeing so many vendors, so much swap meet area, so many cars, and SOOO many people in the 25 years I've been attending.
The owner of this "rat rod" named the car "Skanky" after "several of his old girlfriends". Check out the shopping cart seats!
This Caddilac could be had for $5000 dollars. This photograph actually makes the red paint look better than it actually was. Still...a cool starter car for a reasonable about of $$$$.
There were lots of cool vehicles for sale in both the swap meet area and throughout the show. I think a lot of guys put a "For Sale" sign with a BIG price in the window of their ride "fishing" for bites. One thing my dad taught me...."Everything is for sale for the right price!"
Voodoo Larry had his car at the show. The Voodoo Kings car club had several members present. (You can see Taz's Chevy pickup in the background of this photo.) Guess I'm a Voodoo King "wannabee" 'cuz everytime I see these guys, they look like they are having a good time!
That's it for today's post! Check back in the next few days for more from the Ducktail Run/James Dean Festival weekend!
Oh, and p.s.....Here is a 'shout out' to Ol' Scruffy's mom who is celebrating her birthday today: "Happy Birthday Ma!!! I Love ya!"