Friday, October 30, 2009

This One's for the Kiddos...

Well, I'm doing something I thought I would NEVER do. Posting some pictures of some "tuners" on Suede and Chrome. Well, my reasoning is two fold.

First of all, since the Lucky 7 Cruisers asked me to be the "official" photographer for the show, I've got all of these photographs. Secondly, the Cruisers had a trophy for "Best 18 and Under" at the show, and it turned into a very kool story that I thought was worth telling.

I believe most of the cars pictured in today's post were entered in the 18 and Under class. A local merchant sponsored the trophy which was about 4 1/2" feet tall. (see picture below).

The little guy who won the trophy entered his dad's gray Mustang (pictured above) and his red Mustang (pictured below). My understanding is that his father had recently passed away. It was a GREAT gesture on the part of the Lucky 7 Cruisers to honor the boy and his father by awarding him the "18 and Under" trophy. I only wish I had gotten a picture of his face when they presented him with the trophy! The trophy was actually taller than he was! The weight of the trophy almost made him fall backward, but the smile on his face was ear to ear! Great job Cruisers!!!! Watching this play out was worth sitting in the chilly, rainy weather!

A picture of all the "hardware" given at that show. You can see the "18 and Under" trophy in the left of the picture. You can also see the handbuilt trophy that the Nifty Fifty took home in the right of the picture.

**p.s....Just a "Scruffy Commentary". I do enjoy occasionally attending open shows. Granted, there were few traditional hot rods and no rat rods at this one, but it's great to see people enjoying, cruising, and owning their vehicles regardless of the age, style, or genre of car. It's also great to see young and old, male and female alike appreciating the hard work and effort each of these car owners put into their cars.