Monday, October 5, 2009

Still More from The Rebel Run, Post #5

Since this site is now linked to several other sites and communities, there is a good chance that my mother will read today's post. With that being said, I'd like to say, "Happy Birthday Mom!" It's pretty cool that my folks are "getting into" technology. It's great that my father follows this site and that my mother is now a member on Facebook. Keep it up guys, it will keep you young.

The kool thing about being into custom cars is that you can NEVER say, "Now I've seen everything". As long as there is imagination, and a desire to create, there will always be something new and cool. Whether it's a new eye-popping paint color, a radically customized car, new wheel/tire combination, there are lots of ways to make your car unique and a true express of you.

I'm really diggin' the newer candy/pearl paints. Wow, they can really push a car "over the edge" as this sweet tangerine paint does for this T-bucket.

Hey, yeah...I like the traditional pre-63 stuff, but there are a few post early '60s vehicles that catch my eye. Like this sweet red 1967 Impala. Heck, I even like the oversized wheels on this rad ride.

I'm still diggin' the wagons too. This '58 Chevrolet 4-door wagon was very kool.

Look at this 1951 Chevrolet closely. You should notice the custom Corvette headlights, grille and tail light combo. Yep, you really can't say, "Now I've seen everything, can you?"