Monday, October 26, 2009

Suede & Chrome Extra: Gazing from Afar....

Remember back in high school when there was that girl that you admired from afar? You remember the one, the one that you thought was WAY out of your "league". For me it was a beautiful Senior girl in my Freshmen Algebra class. (o.k...I didn't say she was a genius!). She was a Varsity cheerleader, had long brunette hair, a great smile, and wore 'those' sweaters. She sat right in front of me and always asked ME for help at the end of class when the teacher gave us time to start our homework. Ah yes...I was a lucky boy!

Why am I talking about a high school memory? Well, I'm reminded of those days when I see an absolutely stunning car like the one pictured here at a car show, or for sale on eBay. This car epitomizes what is "kool" in my mind, just like the cheerleader in the sweater epitomized everything that was beautiful in the mind of a 14-year old boy.

Unfortunately, just like the girl in my Algebra class, this car is "out of my league" in my present situation. Several kids still at home, a house payment, college loans, and a down-turned U.S. economy keep me dreaming of maybe someday owning a sweet traditional hotrod like this one.

But heck...whatever the "eye-candy"....there is nothing wrong with dreamin'.

Just because I'm not at a place in my life where I could get this pony in my corral, doesn't mean you can't! The auction ends on November 1st. There is still time! Here is the info: You are looking at a 1928 Model A sedan built like it was 1961. It is channeled 6 inches and not chopped. All the interior garnish molding is chromed with a roll and pleat white interior it is running a 392 hemi and a turbo 350 trans with a 1955 chevy style rear end runs and drives, everything works except speedometer. I didnt put a cable in it but with a cable should work. This car is outstanding house of color green and tons of flake. The pictures don't do it justice. If you have any questions call me. I am the one that built it and can answer any question about it. It is truly a one-off ride Elliot 330-842-7224