Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rebel Run Post #7

Well, another Studebaker pickup brings another "photo-op" for my car club buddy. Just trying to give Ol' Billy plenty of ideas for his Studebaker build!

In the "I've never seen anything like it" category...How about a barstool that straddles a v8 engine! I'm sure your mother would worry about ya if you had one of these toys!

Well, lunch time brought our second annual trip to Kewpee's hamburgers, a historic staple in Lima, Ohio. This year, we found the original downtown diner. Look closely at the picture below. You can see the naked Kewpee that greets you as you enter the place. There are a few more on the walls once you are inside.

Still more to come. Tune in tomorrow for more from Lima, Ohio.