Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last installment from James Dean Run 2009

Well, as the sun began to fade, I snapped my final shots in Fairmount for the year. The James Dean Run/Ducktail Run is still one of my favorite weekends of the year.

I'm still liking the wagons. How cool is a not so common Studebaker wagon?

This Ford coupe has a So-Cal speedshop paint scheme. And below, a cool Chevy II wagon.

This Impala had an AMAZING collection of autographs under the hood. MANY famous car builders and customers!

This is the end of my photographs from James Dean 2009. But don't worry, tomorrow I will begin posting some pictures from a local show that I took the Nifty Fifty to in New Castle, Indiana. I'm excited to see how the pictures look once they are posted....I've ditched my "outdated" 5 MP HP camera for a 10 MP Nikon. See you tomorrow!