Monday, October 12, 2009

Last Post from Rebel Run 2009

Well, it was another great year in Lima, Ohio. Can't believe some of the best Midwest shows of the year have come and gone. The good thing is that I've still got LOADS of photographs taken at the James Dean Run and the Ducktail Run. Both of these events took place the weekend after the Rebel Run.

HEY son! I'm trying to take a picture of that cool Boss Hog!

That's better. How cool is a motorcycle with a v8?

Well, my father came through again. He located another cool eatery in Lima. On our way home, we went to a place right outside of Lima, just a couple miles from the fairgrounds. The place is called Thunder Road. The story is it was the owner's dream to build a drive-in restuarant. When he couldn't get any financial backing for the project, he decided..."if he built it...they would come." The result is a cool retro drive-in with nothing on the menu over $2.00. The rootbeer is served in icy mugs, and the footlongs are great. Did I mention the cute little car hops? My son was so hungry he got in the picture again!

Well, tomorrow I will start posting pics from the Ducktail Run. See you then.