Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ducktail Run Post #2 of the things I like most about the Ducktail Run is that the Voodoo Kings car club usually have a good showing. One of the club members....Voodoo Larry Grobes ALWAYS brings something KOOL to the "party". This year was no exception. His flat mint green traditional rod was absolutely killer!

Whether moving or still....this car is ULTRA kool!

As you can see from today's post, LOTS of cars that are "right up my alley". While sitting at a car show this afternoon FILLED with run of the mill cars, I really got a hankerin' for a kool traditional rod. The Nifty Fifty was the ONLY car out of 50+ cars that had a retro style. The locals around the Muncie/New Castle area would FLIP if I rolled into the show in something like Voodoo Larry's car!

My oldest son absolutely loves the flamethrowers! He's 18, and I've been taking him to shows since he was in a stroller. The kid loved 'em back then and still loves 'em today. If he had his way, the Nifty Fifty would be set up to throw flames. I have to admit (as seen in the pictures of the yellow Effie above) it is pretty kool.