Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lucky 7 Cruisers Car Show @ New Castle, Indiana Eagle's

Well, some car friends of mine invited me to a show that their club was hosting in New Castle, Indiana. Although the day was overcast and cold, there were about 40-50 cars that showed up at the Eagles Parking Lot.

Registration was from 8 am til 10 am, and the Eagles served up an AWESOME breakfast, all you could eat for a mere $3.00. My oldest son and I enjoyed a hearty breakfast, then went out and looked over the vehicles.

Although it was overcast, I was excited to try out my new Nikon camera. Every previous picture posted to this site has been taken with a 5.0 MP HP Photosmart E327. About a year ago, I cracked the screen on my Photosmart and instead of replacing it, I bought a "broken" HP on eBay on the cheap. The only thing wrong with it was that it was missing the battery door. When I got it, I simply took the door off of my old camera and replaced the missing door on the replacement camera. I continued to use this camera, but would typically go through 3 sets of batteries at every show (taking around 100 pictures). I would always take 2 sets of rechargeables and a third set of regular batteries as backup.

Over the past several months, the crazy HP began to act up. I would have to slide open and shut the lens cover several times in order for the camera to turn on. I also had trouble getting the camera to switch to "view" mode so that I could review my pictures. The final straw happened when I bought a new media card for the camera to increase it's memory only to learn that because the camera was so old, it was not compatible with the new card.

At any rate, enough about cameras. All I have to say is that my first show with the new Nikon was impressive. Immediate response, better zoom, larger view screen, and I didn't even use ONE set of batteries the entire day...and I took nearly 100 pictures....very kool!