Thursday, October 29, 2009

More from New Castle...

I've seen this Plymouth Fury convertible before. In fact, I believe it was at the Wilbur Wright Birthplace Show our club hosted back in June. Regardless, it's a great looking car.

My oldest son was with me at the show. This was his favorite vehicle. If you look WAY back in the archives of Suede and Chrome, you will see that I used to have a 1972 C-10 project. If you want a laugh....dig back in the archives and read the story of how I parted with it. :)

I'm not a big Mustang fan. (sorry Mustang Mike & anyone else I've offended.) Well, I'm o.k. with early 'tangs, but those 70's-90's models just don't do anything for me. It's a shame that the sun was behind a cloud when I took this picture though (as it was most of the day). This Mustang looks like a bass boat when the sun is out! HEAVY prism metalflake over the maroon paint reflects color in every direction.

O.k....even Ol' Scruffy the "traditionalist" likes the new Camaro. I just wish I liked the sticker price as much as I like the design! I stopped and looked at a new yellow SS in Greenville, Ohio yesterday (complete with black rally stripes)...VERY kool.

Speaking of yellow Chevrolets, this 1955 chevy took home the "Best of Show" award.

The owner of this Corvette claimed it to be an all original low mileage survivor. Still more pictures from New Castle in the days to come....Then through the month of November, I'll be posting pictures from my trip to the traditional hot rod "mecca"...the 9th annual Hunnert Car Pile Up. Make sure you check back every won't want to miss any of it.