Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last of the Pictures from Fall Classic 2009

It's hard to believe another Rolling 50's Fall Classic has come and gone. With over 675 cars and trucks in attendance, this was the biggest Fall Classic to date. One of the guys in my car club has a Studebaker pickup around the year of this one. Everytime I see one at a show, I make sure I get a snapshot of it for him.

The cool pinstriped gas flap below was on the cool Ford above.

This cool silver Hudson pickup truck pulled in toward the end of the evening. Since my oldest son is "into" flamethrowers, I had to snap the picture below for him.

Any so with the end of pictures from Greenville, so brings the end of September. Come back to Suede and Chrome tomorrow, as I plan to start posting pictures I took at the Rebel Run in Lima, Ohio.