Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rolling 50's Fall Classic, Greenville, Ohio 2009

Well, one of my favorite shows in the weeks leading up to the Ducktail Run and James Dean Festival is the Rolling 50's Fall Classic on the streets of Greenville, Ohio.

This is the 3rd year that my father and I have taken 2 cars to the show. My father's flat black 1947 Chevrolet is in the foreground, parked beside the Nifty Fifty. They didn't allow cars on Broadway (the main drag through downtown Greenville) until 2 pm. We got there at about 2:50 and had to park on the roundabout.

This Caddy had a sweet late model V12 Cadillac engine under the hood. (See picture below).

There were more cars at this event than I can ever remember from previous years. The Daily Advocate (local rag) reported that there were over 675 registered cars. I didn't take a picture of every one, but I've got some 100 shoots that I'll be uploading to Suede and Chrome in the next week or so. If your ADHD, or are the type that likes to read the last chapter of a book first, you can log onto and check out the complete set of pictures from the Rolling 50's Fall Classic. You can also go back through the posts in my virtual garage on the Hub and view pictures from last year's event.