Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last post from 2009 Festiki

Wow! There were lots of kool things to see at Festiki besides the cars! Lots of folks really got into the spirit of the event by wearing island apparel. How but this couples' garb?

Don't own a vintage Hawaiian shirt? Or are you looking for a new one? You could find a lot of kool stuff at several vendors' tents.

This kool little number pulled into the parking lot as we were leaving. Not sure what it is...but it was pretty kool.
Several tiki carvers were on site doing their thing.
Carillon Park alone was worth the drive. Lots of kool historic buildings, including a vintage car dealership and this cool service station. Which I had the Nifty Fifty there to take a few photographs in front of this.

Here are a couple pics I snapped of my son and father being silly.