Thursday, September 3, 2009

Festiki 2009!!!!!!

Wow! First, let me say I wish that the 1st annual Festiki wasn't scheduled on the same day as the Aesthetic Finishers Open House. If this occurs next year, will probably make the decision to do one or the other, but since we had already registered at AFI, and it is one of our favorite shows, we decided to try to squeeze both into the same day.

Unfortunately, our decision made us miss the awards and door prizes at AFI, and the car show at Festiki. When we arrived at Carillon Park in Dayton, the awards for the car show had already been awarded. Many of the cars had left. Fortunately, there were still about 30+ cars. Lots of other cool stuff going on as well. Like this larger than life sand sculpture.
This sweet Ford 2-door wagon was sitting near the sand sculpture. I've never seen it at area shows before. Very kool!
Got to Tikifest in time to see this ol' guy kick starting his vintage Triumph.

Lots more pictures from Festiki in the days ahead.