Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eaton 2009: So Many Pictures, So Little Time....

It's about time for me to consider upgrading my daily driver. I typically put 100 miles a day on my work vehicle. My 2002 Impala has almost 160,000 miles on it. I'm thinking it would make a nice 1st car for my 16 year old daughter. Yep, daddio has got his eyes on a new Challenger R/T or a new Camaro SS! What do you think?
This time of year brings many incredible car shows and cruise-ins to the Midwest. I've got several major events on my calendar for the coming weeks. I've taken so many pictures recently that posting only 5 a day would stretch these events out until at least Thanksgiving!

So instead, I've decided it will be easier to do some double and triple posts. Yes that's right Suede and Chrome readers, you'll be getting 10 or 15 new pictures daily for a while. Hope your internal "cool-o-meter" can handle it.