Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last pictures from ME Zoo Car Show 2009

Well, it's hard to believe that the ME Zoo has been outside of Parker City, Indiana for over 21 years. Because of the recent economy, and the decline in school group revenue, the ME Zoo will be closing its doors on September 27, 2009. This was the last car show there will ever be at the zoo.

I've lived a mile from the zoo since it started. I've gotten very used to the increased traffic between Thanksgiving and Christmas due to the over 10,000 white light display that they do every year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my neighbor's "project" at the show. He owns a 1953 Chevrolet "more-door" sedan. He is restoring it from the frame up. He's had it running for about a year now. I occasionally have seen him tooling up and down the road in its current "state". Too bad they didn't have a "Best Unfinished" class at the show!

Well, it's sad to think that this will probably be the last picture I will ever take @ the ME Zoo. Thanks for the memories Max and Eileen!