Saturday, September 26, 2009

More From the Rolling 50's Fall Classic

Still posting from my trip to Greenville, Ohio a few weekends ago.

This orange sedan was parked on a cross street off of Broadway. You can see the entrance to a couple of great places to eat in "The Place". The Place housed a 3 floor department store during it's "heyday", now it housed Broadway Joe's (a cool coffee shop), The Italian Restuarant (AWESOME food), and the Double M Deli. Another great place to eat in Greenville, Ohio is across the street (directly behind me when I took this picture), The Bistro Off Broadway has some great food and kool decor.

A friend of mine who happens to be the Arcanum Chief of Police owns this Ford. He originally bought it with the intent of turning it into a "Mayberry Cruiser". However, I think his wife has nixed that idea. He does plan to restore it. Still looks pretty kool as is Dan!

How about a couple of kool Willy's gassers?

This Cadillac was absolutely beautiful.

This guy obviously has plenty of $$$ to spend. Sweet Corvette, Awesome Chevy Cameo pickup w/ nice aluminum trailer....and look what was in the truck bed!