Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still Workin' Hard on the Bumpers of the Nifty Fifty

Well, the final step in the chrome-plating process is the chrome-plating itself. As my buddy Jim from Custom Metal Finishers lowered the nickel-plated bumper center into the tank, I asked him to pull it back up for a picture, You can see that initally, the chrome-plating gives the part an orange appearance.
After the piece is immursed in the chrome take, the electrodes attached, and the power swithed on, the chrome in the solution is attracted to the part. Once the process is complete, the part is removed and washed.

You can see from these pictures of Ol' Scruffy working hard, the goldish-orange color comes off in the rinse leaving a beautifully chromed bumper section.

Sometimes the process has to be interupted to address an imperfection. While I was working at the chrome-plating tank, Jim was in the other building copper-polishing and buffing out some imperfections in one of the bumper ends.

Come back tomorrow to see if Ol' Scruffy can FINALLY get his bumper sections completed.