Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to Custom Metal Finishers....

Well, I got some time this past Saturday to get back to my buddies chrome-plating business in Hagerstown, Indiana. Regular readers of Suede and Chrome may remember that I've been working on the front and rear bumpers of my '50 Chevy....(by the way, someone told me calling her "Ol' Blue" was derogatory, so from now on...she will be referred to as the "Nifty Fifty").

At any rate, when I left 2 weeks ago, we had polished the bumper pieces and gotten them coated with the initial layer of copper. I started the day using a 600 grit polishing belt to knock off any roughness to the surface of the parts. Then I used a buffing wheel to buff the copper.

I really "dig" the look of polished copper. And actually gave a quick thought to the idea of leaving the bumpers like this. (I saw a '54 Chevrolet at a show once that was painted flat black and all the chrome was left in copper! Pretty kool....BUT what happens when it oxidizes?!?! If you don't mind bumpers with a pretty green patina, I guess that would be o.k., however, I'm really looking forward to some freshly chrome-plated ones!)

Well, here is another shot of the parts after I had copper buffed them. More pictures from Saturday's progress tomorrow!