Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 Detroit Autorama Post #2

WOW! This little two-door woodie wagon was really cool! Wish I would have taken some more pictures of it!
You can't go wrong with a simple black 32 Ford!

No need for fancy graphics or wild billet wheels. Another fine example of a very simple car that looks incredible.

I've seen this car named "ShaBoom" at the James Dean Festival for the last few years, however, I've never seen the crazy looking Caddy (pictured below) that seems to belong to the same owner. (Sorry...the caddy is out of focus....another bumped "kodak moment").

O.k.....I'll admit it, I haven't seen the recent movie, but when I was a kid, I used to love to watch "Speed Racer".
Man....I wish I had seen this guy sooner OR saw him again during the show. This guy was walking around dressed like "Jake" from the Blues Brothers movies. If I would have seen him again, I was going to have my wife take a picture of us together, unfortunately, I didn't, so all I've got is this side shot over the top of my wife's head! :) It certainly made me chuckle and reminded me of a "simpler time". I've got a buddy that's over 6 foot tall and he and I dressed like the blues brothers more than once during our high school days.
This sweet little Woody go cart was being raffled off for Special Olympics. This will make any kid the envy of his neighborhood!
You can't beat the looks of a '57 Chevrolet!
I'm not a big Ford fan, but you can't deny the subtle metal work, paint scheme, pinstripes and lowered stance all work together to make this little Effie a VERY sic ride!
More pictures from the 2009 Detroit Autorama tomorrow!