Friday, March 6, 2009

Last Post in the Rock Island Set!

Well, those readers who log in every evening to see photographs and read about traditional hotrods may be relieved to learn that this is the last set of photographs from the Rock Island, Illinois set. Thought I'd finish out the set with a few "race" related vehicles.

I'll be posting some photographs of my second day of experiences at Custom Metal Finishers tomorrow. I'll also post some commentary about the steps of the process with bumpers from my 50 Chevrolet.

I am currently enjoying the 2009 Detroit Autorama....and you can bet I'm taking PLENTY of pictures of LOTS of traditional hotrods, rat rods, and kustom kulture action that I will be posting when I return.

Have a GREAT weekend, and God Bless!

Kirby "Scruffy"