Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fresh Bumpers for Scruffy's Nifty Fifty!

Once the pieces came out of the chrome-plating tank, the only thing left to do was look them over and see if any color buffing was necessary. Here are a few pictures I took of Jim doing the final buffing on a couple pieces that needed a few small spots hit.

Well, here I am with the six finished bumpers pieces. As you can tell from the look on my face (and a little dirt) I had a great experience learning about the chrome-plating process and getting to do a lot of the work on these pieces myself. I can't wait to get the bumpers back on the Nifty Fifty, and I know that whenever I look at (or shine) the bumpers, I'm going to remember my time at Custom Metal Finishers.
I still need to get back to Hagerstown to get the bumper guards through the process, (they have already been sandblasted and are awaiting my return). However, I'm planning to go ahead and assembly the bumpers and install them on the '50 without the guards for now. I got the idea from Nathan Hale's '54 Envy featured in the May 2008 issue of Old Skool Rodz. (see quick scan of feature below.) Gives the bumpers a custom look. Anyway, I'll drive it like that to start the "show season" and decide if I want to put the bumper guards back on the car once they are finished.
Just need to run to the local hardware store and pick up a few bolts to assembly the 3 bumper pieces without the bumper guards. Gives the bumpers a "California bumper" look.

Learn more about Custom Metal Finishers at the site I'm building for my buddy Jim at: Hopefully I'll have more pictures of some of his work in the weeks to come.