Friday, March 13, 2009

Spyder Hubcaps Installed (With a Little Help).

AFTER (Still have the bumpers at the chrome shop)

My son LOVES to drive his dad's car. (AND beep the horn!)

If it likes it this much at 2....just think how he will be at 16!

Well, this evening I got my new Spyder Hubcaps installed on the '50. I started installing them a few nights ago, but when I got to the front, I realized I needed to buy a set of 7/32" wheel spacers to be able to get the hubcaps over the center spindles. My 2-year old son wanted to help dad in the garage, so he rode his pedal car around while dad put the wheel spacers and spyder hubs on. Then he had a blast "driving" dad's car.
I like the look of the new Spyders, but now I'm thinking about repainting the wheels. Black? Biege (to match top of car)? Flat Blue? Metalflake? Suggestions accepted!
The car will definitely look even better when I can get the stance down a few inches.

"Dad, What the heck is this?!"

More Pictures from the 2009 Detroit Autorama are on there way!