Monday, March 9, 2009

Detroit Autorama 2009

Well, my wife and I made it back from another year at the Detroit Autorama. Let me tell you, this event doesn't disappoint. Lots of incredible cars on the main floor, and like last year, lots of sic traditional hotrods in the basement.

Even though there were cars from about every era, you wouldn't see too many shots of late model cars in the pictures I took on Saturday. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that I'm mostly "into" pre-1965 vehicles.

It was great to see some old acquaintances and to meet several folks from the Hub Garage. The Maynard's had their Mopar Mafia car there. It was kool that they had brought along a large bag of car hats that they donated to the Positive Behavior program that I've started at the middle school were I work. THANKS MAYNARDS! Wish we could have stayed around for the awards Saturday night, sounds like their son Kameron was going to be honored. Rumor has it that Chip Foose and Chris Jacobs from Overhaulin' were going to come downstairs and sign the dash of Kameron's car. Hope that worked out....very kool! (heck....maybe next year I'll just take Ol' Blue up and put her in the basement and stay all three days!)

Well, with every show, you always seem to learn something that you will probably do differently if you come the following year. The show starts on Friday, and I'm thinking that it would have probably been a lot easier to take pictures on the first day. Saturday's crowd got larger and larger as the day went on. Seems like every time you got ready to take a picture, someone would bump into you (see picture below) or walk in front of your shot. Nevertheless, it's always great to see so many awesome cars.
I really enjoy seeing all the "high dollar" cars upstairs, but what I really like about this show is the basement at the Cobo Center. I'll have plenty of pictures from the basement in the days to come. 2-year old son made his second annual trek to the Detroit Autorama. This picture is for him. :) Funny thing is, he gets a little freaked out when any "character" gets close to him. At the Indy Autorama, he was NOT amused with "Sponge Bob". At Detroit, he covered his face as we approached Diego and Dora.
The truly amazing thing about this year's event was getting to put faces with some of the folks that I've met through the Hub. I got to meet Larry from Singlefinger Garage as well as Jay and his son "Big E". The Hub had a nice booth set up and I ended up buying a "hub garage" hat...very kool. Jay was busy throughout the day filming some video clips that I'm sure will appear on the Hub. "Big E" had the awesome responsibility of spending the day with Chip and Chris. (where can I sign up for that gig!?!?)
I've got some 80+ pictures that I'll be posting this week from Detroit. I'm also hoping for some drier weather here in Indiana. I've got some new stuff for my car AND I need to get back over to Custom Metal Finishers to finish out my bumpers!