Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More from Custom Metal Finishers

Custom Metal Finishers in Hagerstown, Indiana can plate a variety of objects...heck, if it's metal, they can probably chrome-plate it. Rumor has it that the owners oldest son even figured out how to chrome-plate a gourd! Here is just some of the kool stuff they are currently working on. These items are waiting for nickel and chrome plating.
Can you believe this?!?!? These exhaust manifolds are waiting to be plated. I've been told they will ALL go on the same pull-tractor!!!
Well, once the parts were copper buffed, they were placed in a cleaning solution, then scrubbed and rinsed.
Here's Ol' Scruffy rinsing a part, getting it ready for the next step in the process which is nickel-plating. (Man...Ol' Scruffy looks like he needs to get himself back on some kind of exercise regiment!!! Yikes!)
After about 30 minutes in the nickel plate, this bumper center piece is removed. The part will be rinsed, neutralized, and then placed in the final process, the chrome-plating tank. Come back tomorrow to see more.