Monday, September 22, 2008

Check out Ol' Blue's new door panels!!!

Well, my driver's side door handle hasn't been working for a couple of months, so this evening I had some time to take the door panel off and figure out what was wrong. It turns out, all it needed was a little white grease, and now it works like a champ again!

While I had the door panel off, I decided to go ahead and do something I've been thinking of doing for awhile. I peeled the old gray suede looking material off of the panels and "sacrificed" one of my mexican blankets to recover the door panel.
When I got it all back together, I had enough daylight to go ahead and do the other side. Heck...I even have enough sacrifical blanket to make some panels for the rear seat as well. This project will be saved for another time, as I will actually need to cut panels from some old paneling before I can glue down the mexican blankets. Oh well...the door panels look cool!