Friday, September 19, 2008

Hey! A guy can get hungry walking up and down Broadway looking at almost 500 cars! My father and I decided to walk a few blocks to an "iconic" establishment. Avid Suede and Chrome readers may remember a post last year about this place! The Maid-Rite Drive In has been in this location for years! My grandfather tells me it was here in the 1940's, I'm not sure how much earlier it's history goes back.
People drive for miles and usually have to wait in line for a sackful of these loose meat sandwiches. Over the years, visitors have "left their mark" on the outside of the building. ( is pretty gross...but it is definitely something you will remember when you visit!)

Bongos, a mint green guitar, rolled and pleated seats, and a mexican blanket. All that's missing is a beautiful girl to complete the "perfect" set!
I've been told this pink Thunderbird belongs to a local doctor. The car is nicely restored.

Ol' Blue made the hour drive with no problems! She was parked directly across the street from my father's 1947 Chevy Coupe. (not pictured here) A casual observer couldn't even tell all the work that Ol' Scruffy had to go through to get the car ready the night before! (see previous posts concerning "pile-o-portawall"!)