Friday, September 12, 2008

Rolling 50's in Greenville, Ohio

I couldn't resist taking photos of these vintage Vettes!

Broadway is a pretty nostalgic place. Many business have come and gone over the years, but it still has this cool small town feel. The buildings and sidewalks are kept in good repair, and most of the store fronts are filled.

Ol' Caddy are absolute BOATS! This is definitely one of the years that Springsteen was talking about when he sang about "having a party in the back"! Heck, there's enough room for a party, a cook out, and a game of croquet!!!
There were some AWESOME vintage Chevy trucks in attendance, here are just a couple of examples.
If you ever visit Greenville, Ohio, check out some of the cool store fronts! Step into Broadway Joe's in get an INCREDIBLE cup of java and an awesome dessert. Or walk on through Joe's to an incredible Italian restaurant, both located in the "Palace" building. While you are there check out all the restored fixtures, ceilings, etc. Heck....even the bathrooms are cool in this place!

You can also check out the food at the Bistro Off Broadway. The food is great and the pedal car collection that is housed throughout the restaurant is VERY cool! Another favorite of some (I find it to have a bit too much estrogen for my tastes) is the Montage. This little restaurant is decorated in all kinds of frills. (your wife will probably love it and think you are a "sensitive" guy if you take her there!)

A couple of other cool places on Broadway include Winan's Chocolates, The Kitchen Aide factory outlet (you can take cooking classes there too!). There is even a cool music store called "Bach to Rock" and a buddy of mine has a music studio where he gives guitar lessons. (in fact, during the cruise-in he had several "student bands" performing including a KISS tribute band called KIDS made up of prepubescent rockers in face paint. We watched a little bit of their act which included screaming guitar solos and smoke from a dry ice machine....pretty cool.)

Down Broadway, around the round-a-bout, and a few blocks away stands the Maidrite restaurant. I've posted before about the incredible Maidrite sandwiches. A bit pricey, a buck and a 50 cent piece for each small morsel, but a delite no less! In fact, my father and I made the trip on foot during the show and scarfed down three Maidrites (with everything) a piece. This is actually not that big of deal, as I've seen my colleague (the HS principal) eat as many as 6 Maidrites in one sitting.

Stay tuned! More pictures (and a few memories) from Greenville, Ohio in the days to come!