Sunday, September 7, 2008

ME's Zoo Car Show 2008

Well, once again I had the opportunity to attend a couple of area shows this past weekend. The first was located at the ME's Zoo, which is just a stones throw from my house.

My busy schedule did not afford me time to work on Ol' Blue's portawall mess until late Friday night. It took me a few hours, but I finally was able to get the shredded portawalls and adhesive off of my tires. I woke up early Saturday morning and got the tires inflated and back on the car.

The ME's Zoo is located outside of Parker City, Indiana. It was started by some of my wife's relation: Max and Eileen Oren (The name of the zoo was formed from their first intials). The story goes, Max was diagnosed with cancer and one the things he always wanted was to start a zoo. So Max and his wife Eileen opened the zoo in 1988. Max has since passed on, but Eileen has continued to keep the zoo going.

ME's zoo is now one of the largest private zoos in the United States. With over 300 animals of all shapes and sizes, the ME's zoo is a fun a friendly place for the entire family. Vistors can get a 'real' close-up view of exotic animals including tigers, leopards, bears, monkeys, birds, and more! Children love the baby animals in the petting zoo as well.

I had planned to drive her down the road to the 3rd Annual ME Zoo Car Show, but instead, opted to save $10 bucks and just drive my Impala down as a spectator.

Beautiful weather brought with it some 70 - 80 cars to the zoo. I met up with my father and son there and spent a couple of hours enjoying a variety of vehicles. I'll post the rest of my photographs from the 3rd Annual ME's Zoo Car Show tomorrow.