Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Friend, Another Project

Well, I must say, it makes Ol' Scruffy feel real good when a friend says, "You've inspired me to get my project out of hibernation." A friend of mine has an old Studebaker pickup truck. He had it road worth about 15 years ago. However life and the finanical responsibilities of raising three kids sort of put the truck on the back burner. This guy also got interested in old tractors over the past few years, so needless to say, the truck has sat in the barn for some time.

All in all, the truck doesn't look too bad for sitting dormant in a barn for 10-15 years.

Well, between reading my blog, and listening to a few of us talk about our projects each week, not to mention his youngest child, an only son, is nearing driving age, I think he's got the "bug". He told me last week that he was going to start on the truck, and this week, he brought me a picture card with some photographs of the truck and the start of the restoration. He said that he plans to document the whole project at various stages with pictures, and asked if I would be interested in posting updates on "Suede and Chrome". Well, I can't tell you how happy I was to bring the data card home and upload the 1st set of what I hope to be many more.

Between "Project Studebaker" and "Project 39", I hope to bring you coverage of two average guys building projects from start to finish. The cool thing, is that these two projects are very different. Billy's Studebaker will be a pretty straight forward restoration/mild hot rod project, while Rocky's 39 rat rod is an X-treme rat rod kustom. Both projects will be interesting and fun to watch.....and Ol' Scruffy will continue to bring both to you as long as the photos continue to come in.

Hey, I know a GREAT chrome place!!!!

Check out these websites for more information on the Studebaker pickup truck:

I've got another friend that just bought a 1948 Chevrolet two-door sedan. Maybe I can get some pictures from him and start following another build as well!