Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cruise the Treaty City...

There was lots of Mopar Muscle in attendance this year.

Well, the streets were hoppin' in downtown Greenville, Ohio on Saturday. The Rolling 50's car club hosted their annual cruise-in. This thing has gotten pretty big over the years! If you've ever been to Greenville, Ohio, you may have traveled through downtown on Broadway. If you're from the area like I am, and 40 years old or older, you may remember this strip was a HUGE hangout for teenagers before the local "fuzz" shut down "cruizin Broadway" in the mid-90's.

This Camaro reminds me of some of the cars I used to see actually cruising Broadway in the early 1980's!

Heck, when I was a stupid teenager, kids came from all around to cruise up and down the strip. It was "cool" to park along Broadway and sit on the trunk lid of your car. That of course was back in the day when gas was well under $2 bucks a gallon! Ha!
This Model A Ford was beautifully restored.

Well, they don't allow teens to cruise anymore, but once a year, a local car club hosts a HUGE cruise-in. The city allows them to shut down Broadway and all the cross streets for a block each way. Heck, they even close down the round-a-bout at the end of the strip!

This year there were some 500+ cars in attendance. The show is open to anything on as you can imagine there where vintage Model As all the way up to three new Dodge Challengers.

My father and I had an interesting discussion about guys with "new muscle". Dad doesn't really like the idea of a guy with enough greenbacks going out, buying something new and bringing it to a show. I on the other hand say, "Heck...if ya got it, bring it!" I'm definitely into the traditional rod scene, but can't say that I mind looking at a brand new Dodge Challenger.....AND I'm eagerly anticipating the release of the new Chevrolet Camaro!!! (I would agree with him when it comes to new Mustangs! SORRY Ford guys, but in my opinion you can leave THOSE at home!) lol
My father and I drove both of our Chevys to the show. I drove Ol' Blue to his house, then followed him into Greenville. Cars were not allowed on Broadway until after 2 pm. I would guess we got there around 2:25 or so and when we registered there were already 228 cars!!!
I took this picture of an Old Studebaker pickup for a friend of mine who has one about the same year and same color. Last week he told me that I've "inspired" him to get it out of a 15 year "barn slumber" and get it back on the road! All I can say is..."Well ALRIGHT!!"

This Triumph reminds me of some of my first "car memories". My father had a couple of little sports cars that I can remember riding in. In fact, I was so small that I would sit up behind the seats with my feet between my maw and pop. Obviously you younger pups wouldn't have these types of memories with seat belt laws and all! Ah yeah....the good ol' days!

There are LOTS more pictures from the Rolling 50's Cruise In to come in the coming days!!! Check Suede and Chrome for daily updates!!!!