Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey....Here is something you don't see to often...a HUDSON HORNET!

No Decals Here: If you look real close, there is an actual bullet hole in the rear cab glass! Also notice the fishing pole (complete with bobber) located where the antenna should be.
This truck is BARN FRESH. In fact, it sat in a fence row along St. Rt. 571 for years and years! The guy who owns it now is the Darke County Game Warden. He brought the barn fresh truck complete with straw bales, fresh apples, and a couple of live chickens! He even "dressed the part" with bib overalls and a big straw hat! Too funny!

This rat rod has appeared in some very early Suede and Chrome posts. It belongs to the husband of a gal I used to work with at a local Casket Factory. This car is a "work in progress". It's alway cool to try to figure out what modifications he has done since the last time I've seen it.

This guy lives just a few miles from my father. He always has something sitting around. I actually saw him driving this Chevy around Greenville one day this week. Could this be a "daily driver"?

A nice red Chevrolet Sedan with my father's '47 in the background.
Well, I found out a little more about those clear "bubble" hubcaps. The guy had his Pontiac at this show. Still didn't get to talk to him, but he had this laying on the dash. I've been searching eBay for Beauty Bubble De Luxe Wheel Covers, but still haven't located a set.
Well, that does it for the photographs I shot at the 2008 Rolling 50s Car Show! Several great local shows are coming up in the next few weeks, and you can bet Ol' Scruffy will be checking them out, snapping some photographs, and bringing them to you in future posts on Suede and Chrome!