Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goodbye to Another Year at AFI...

I used to work with the owner of this "little red Corvette".

I thought these photos were nice representations of two different styles...The Red Model A pickup is a nice example of a Hotrod, while the Suede Black truck is a great example of a more traditional rod.

I'm not a "Ford guy", but this was an absolutely beautiful car!
Here is a GREAT looking 55 Chevy. What I like best about it is it doesn't has a nice paint combination that is a bit different that many restored 55's.
My father works with the owners of this Chevelle.

Well, with this post, I say "goodbye" to another GREAT year at the Aesthetic Finishers, Inc. Open House/Customer Appreciation event! It was a GREAT time, and the longest trip I've taken Ol' Blue on to date. Besides a few local shows, my next trip of any considerable distance will be the James Dean/Rebel Run weekend in Fairmount and Gas City, Indiana.

In the coming week, I plan to post some pictures of a cool Model T pickup "find" and some photographs of WWII Nose Art taken recently at the Dayton Airforce Museum. Until then..."Keep your tires on the pavement Daddio!"

The owner of this 55 Chevy "Gasser" took home the "Spirit of Hotrodding" trophy. It is my understanding that he worked his "gluteus maximus" off to make some modifications on the front axle of this car and get it to the show on time.