Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still More from AFI Show

This 1939 Chevrolet reminds me of the one my father had when I was growing up. I remember going with him to tow it was "Barn Fresh".
One nice Deuce.
Well, unfortunately the picture does do this Ford pickup justice. It had a nice chameleon paint scheme and was priced to "sell" at $5500.
This Ford was modeled after the famous "California Kid"
This Rambler Wagon took home the Dennis Gage Choice Award.

I really like this Ford coupe! It has the right stance and that traditional hot rod look!
If you are an avid Suede and Chrome reader, you may recognize this coupe. I took a picture of it at last year's AFI open house. Still a GREAT looking car!

I know some of my readers aren't big fans of "rat rods" but to me this screams "built it, drive it, have fun!"
Hey, I'm not all about rat rods. This Mercury was absolutely gorgeous!
You don't see a lot of restored early Dodge pickup trucks. This one was nicely done.

Thought I would continue to post pictures from the Aesthetic Finishers (AFI) show.