Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Set of Photographs from Aesthetic Finishers

This Rat Finker was a bit sticker shocked at the asking price of this Camaro SS.

There were about a 1/2 dozen Cobras at the event.

Well, by late-afternoon, I was feeling a bit hungry again. We walked up to another vendor that had been selling cheeseburgers and hotdogs, and found that they were running specials to get rid of their "inventory". Once again, I thought..."Cool, two dogs for a buck, I'll get a deal for my son and I." When I told the vendor "2 hot dogs please", my son said, "Dad, what are you going to get for yourself?" (too funny!) Well, I ended up buying 4 dogs.

As the evening approached, all three of us began it get tired. I think it was a combination of walking around all day and the heat from the sun. We talked of taking off and heading for home early, but we wanted to stick around to see if we would be lucky and win a custom powder coated tool chest.