Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some Chevrolets from AFI Show

Well, still making daily posts of 5 to 10 pictures at a time from last Saturday's AFI Open House in Piqua, Ohio.

This little Chevy truck was For Sale. I really like the low stance, flat black paint, red metal flake roof, and the cool pinstriping.

I don't have any plans for any attending any shows this weekend. There are a couple coming up on September 6th, one just a mile from my house and another in downtown Greenville, Ohio that I might try to make.

I took these photos for my Custom Hotwheel building buddy. He recently purchased a new HHR and has been toying (no pun intended) with the idea of adding some graphics.

No shows for a couple of weeks is "no problem" though, as my younger brother and his family are coming up from Texas this week. Hope to spend some "quality time" with them. Also, all the little "kiddos" come back from summer break next Tuesday (August 26), so things will be busy!

What can I say?.... I'm a sucker for early 50s Chevys!

I'm hoping to have the set of portawalls I ordered from I ordered a set of 15 x 3 inch whites...I'm hoping I won't have any issues and am hoping to have them on the car by at least the James Dean Festival if not sooner. I will definitely post before and after pictures, and probably post some pictures of the actual installation.